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  • Community Events

    Monthly Healing and Empowerment Circle
    3-25-18 11:00 am - Diversions Puzzles & Games
    Energy Therapy of Southern Maine

    This gathering is a combination of group meditation and discussion, along with working in pairs to provide specific healing and empowerment in alignment with each person's intentions. No prior experience needed.  You will be guided through the...

    The Magical Practice of Taking and Giving
    3-25-18 11:00 am - Diversions Puzzles & Games
    Meditation in Maine: Serlingpa Meditation Center

    • What we'll doThe focus of this course will be on the traditional healing meditations called ‘Taking and Giving’ which are profound methods to strengthen our love and wisdom, clear away negativity, heal our body and mind, and ultimately...

    Pathfinder Society at Diversions (South Portland)
    3-25-18 11:00 am - Diversions Puzzles & Games
    Maine Tabletop RPG and Boardgame Fellowship

    This week's scenario: #9-10 Signs in Senghor [1-5] Warhorn link:'s use that to reserve spots! If you'd like to try GMing, feel free to sign up to do so!) Pregenerated Characters available if...

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    Agent Spotlight

    Bridget King, Broker Bridget began her real estate career in 2002. In that first year she was named “Rookie of the Year” and her success has sky rocketed ever since. A graduate of Windham High School, Bridget went on to study Sports Management at USM and Thomas College, and then began work at UNUM. It was there that Bridget […]

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    5 Critical Things To Look For At An Open House

    Its Sunday! With newspaper in hand and steamy cup of Dunkin’  you’re off to check out the day’s newest and brightest open houses. You’ve got a full day ahead judging by the size of the paper. Make the most of the day and look for the 5 critical items of home buying. Location Location Location […]

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    41% of Americans Would Prefer to Build their Home

    A recent study by Harris Poll revealed that, for the same price, forty one percent of Americans would prefer to buy a newly built home instead of an existing home. Twenty one percent prefer an existing home while thirty eight percent didn’t have a preference. However, those desiring a new home may not be prepared […]

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